Friday, February 17, 2017

Celebrating Acts of Kindness

This week I have celebrating kindness during Random Acts of Kindness Week. While I believe that kindness should be a normal occurrence throughout the year, it is wonderful to have one week and a special day set aside to celebrate different ways to reach out to others.

Ways to Promote the Act of Kindness:

Send inspirational messages, either digitally or non-digitally to add some sparkle and warmth to others' lives.

=>My first step in celebrating kindness this week was to dip into my stock of digital inspirations and send one out on social media. 

Share your writing with social media friends to celebrate the art of writing. 

=>The digital inspiration below accompanied my recent post, Heartfelt Creations.

Spread kindness throughout Twitter with kindness tweets.

=>I sent a kindness dove around the globe that I created to key connected educators and asked them to spread the message. They agreed and the dove circulated bringing messages of kindness.

Share blog posts on kindness with members of your PLNs (professional learning networks.

=>I created a post for the Wonderopolis Wonder Ground, Kindness In 5 Words. It featured a poem, How To Love Your Little Corner of the World, in English and Spanish by Eileen Spinelli from The Poetry Friday Anthology of Celebrations, compiled by Sylvia Vargas and Janet Wong as core texts in a lesson on kindness.  

Bake for family and friends because baked goods are a great way to bring happiness to others.

=>Ruth Ayres reminded me through her picture of a cake to add this thought to my blog post. Tonight, I baked my coconut almond cookies dipped in chocolate for a celebration of friends. 

Promote kindness through smiles, a random act, or listening intently to another.

It is easy to give of yourself if you practice the art of giving and being hospitable. This is important so that we can model for our students, children, family members, and all those we come in contact with.

Be kind to yourself. 

Tonight, my yoga teacher reminded us that we need to let go when involved in yoga meditation. This is an important act of self-love that contributes to our well-being.

Kindness can go a long way in promoting peace and understanding. When days are gray, like they have been on Long Island lately, keep finding the joy in life. Continue to spread kindness through notes, tweets, and random acts. 

Ruth Ayres opens her space each weekend to Celebrate This Week with fellow bloggers. I am joining her to add my thoughts. You may be interested in joining in the conversation. You can access the site here and at #celebratelu.

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