Friday, February 10, 2017

Celebrating Winter Snow

It tiptoed into darkness
with breathtaking deftness.
I watched it glide and dance-
patterning the night sky.
Falling, it dusted earth 
with a glistening white.
No one heard its soft 
descent until dawn
when it boldly rushed in. 
Announcing its arrival,
winter snow left its 
unblemished calling card
upon an awaiting region.

©CVarsalona, 2017 Long Island

Silently, like thoughts that come and go, 
the snowflakes fall, each one a gem. 
William Hamilton Gibson

I celebrate the arrival of winter snow. It added a new dimension to life, a stilled wonder in each neighborhood that was touched by its gentle start, its incessant descent, and its glistening wonder. The snowstorm left its mark upon Long Island, especially when the day before it was only a distant thought in the spring-like warmth. I celebrate moments I was able to notice, wonder, and wish upon a snowflake. I celebrate that the cascading snow inspired me to write. Lastly, I celebrate the quiet evening hours in which I find serenity within as I reflect and write about nature's winter guest to Long Island.
Snow is a reminder that no matter how old you become and how much you've see, things can still be new if you are willing to believe they still matter. - Candace Bushnell
It is time to celebrate this week of fluctuating temperatures, poetry writing, and wishing upon snowflakes that fell like glistening, silent dewdrops from the sky. Ruth Ayres opens her writing space each weekend for the #celebratelu community at her blog. You can access Ruth's thoughts and those of the community I am a member of here.

Note: I am inviting all who read this post to join me in celebrating winter at my newest gallery, Winter Wonder, that I am designing. Consider sending me a photograph, image poem, or inspirational quote for the gallery, even if winter is not signified by snow in your locale. There is a story in every season and digitals can be the medium to express your thoughts. 

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