Tuesday, February 21, 2017

View from the Park

When warm weather returns are you like me wanting 
to break out and be outside enjoying the wonders of nature? 

On Sunday, with the desire to smell the fresh air, my husband and I went for a walk in one of our favorite parks. There were traces of snow still on the ground reminding us of the recent storm but the sun was casting a warm glow and sounds of laughter were coming from the entrance of the park. Not only were the humans out for a walk, but so were the dogs, frolicking in the dog run area. My husband and I watched with interest and then, passed on by. Our nature walk was awaiting us.

We walked carefully around a closed gate wondering why it was locked. As we followed the curved incline, I felt the warmth of the sun peeking through the trees, many of which were laying horizontally on the ground. Two from different sides of the clearing were touching each other, as if they were joined together. There was much to notice and wonder about. 

We were deep into the maze of curved paths when I found a stump topped with snow that would be a perfect container to cradle some loose needles. There was a stillness on the trail. No voices were heard but ours. In the silence, spring waited to speak.
When we came back to the main path, the dog run park was filled with more friendly animals. All the dogs and their owners were enjoying the beautiful weather. Any new dog approaching the dog run, was immediately approached by a group of barking dogs, clustering around. I wondered if a relationship was going to be started or just a quick acquaintance made?"

I paused to think about the different types of relationships most people have: family, work, or school relationships. From these multiple relationships, communities grow. My thoughts led to additional wondering.

What if all communities foster a culture of trust honoring all voices and welcoming newcomers?
What if all classrooms have welcoming environments?
What if all children communicate freely and respectfully with each other?
What if people notice more of the beauty that exists in the world and wonder more about the positives of life?

With a few more what ifs inside my head, we headed home acknowledging that the afternoon was well spent.

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