Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Manhattan Winter Day

Lady Winter, fashionista that she is, shed her layered white coat and added sunglasses to her attire this past weekend. After all, temperatures were in the 40's, making Manhattan feel more like springtime than winter. 

When weather shifts in New York City, people take to the streets for Sunday strolls. Because of this, my family and I spontaneously shed our heavy coats and happily jumped in the car for a trip to Manhattan. The drive in from Long Island was an easy trip, no congestion on the road and traffic moving. As we neared "the city", the skyline was as clear as can be, making the sight a joyous one for me. 

When crossing into Manhattan, there was a vibrancy that sharpened my senses. Parking is usually not an easy task but luck was on our side. A spot opened up on the corner of 5th Avenue and 39th Street, across the street from one of my favorite stores. My first treat of the day was to stop to shop. Our little grandbaby reaped the results of that enjoyable venture. 

Next, we headed over to the public library with its magnificent Library Lions' sculpture greeting us. A huge banner for the new exhibit, Remembering the 60s, hung in front. As we approached ,another couple told us that the library was closed but not to worry, we stopped at one of the local street vendor carts that was selling hats. I just couldn't resist adding another white hat to my collection. 

Then, off we went to Bryant Park. The weather was as calm as a spring day heated by the sun. People milled around the carousel. Others walked at a leisurely pace. There was the usual hum of city life but in a more relaxed fashion. Since beeping is not allowed anymore, city noise was full of excited conversations not blaring  car horn noise.

Bryant Square was lively. Giddy, gleeful sounds emanated from children on the carousel. A huge water fountain in the middle of the square flowed with water. Skaters pranced around the ice in a circular fashion. Music added liveliness to the scene where little ones with miniscule skates were gingerly led across the ice by parents. Smiles were on many faces, marking the day as a celebration of life and respite from the cold temperatures of early January. 

We rounded off our tour to Manhattan with a visit to Chinatown. There was much energy in the streets. Vendors displayed their goods and the smell of fish perfumed the air but the real action was in the congested park. Men and women congregated at separate tables, conversing and playing cards. I was fascinated by the gregarious nature of the players and the intense looks on some faces. In sharp contrast, the other end of the park was devoid of chatter.  Benches invited all to sit and reflect upon city life in winter. After a delicious meal in Chinatown, the day drew to a close. Memories were made once again. 

midday respite
city buzz minimal-
stilled quiet
©CVarsalona, 2018, NYC

It's Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers. Join me as I head over to read others' thoughts. In the meantime, enjoy my winter postcard from Manhattan. 
winter sun stands still
shades of grey 
©CVarsalona, 2018, NYC

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