Thursday, January 4, 2018

Introducing My 2018 One Word

Each new year, words spin around me persuading to me to capture the best of what they have to offer. I choose carefully, knowing that only one word will be a guide on my journey to becoming a better person and fully savoring "life living" moments

Since 2014, when I switched from writing a yearly resolution to allowing the power of #oneword to guide my journey, I have been moved by the following words.

Each one of my one words, has provided me with a different lens on life. This year, I ask myself what word would compliment the othersWhat word would place me on a path to continue to be openlisten more intently, believe in the power of possibilities, and find joy in the ordinary? The word was in front of me, behind me in past encounters, and full of positivity. My #oneword2018 is hope!

The inspirational message on hope that you can find below was given to me when I was in treatment for lymphoma. It is my daily reminder to be open, listen intently to others, strongly believe, and find joy even in the midst of struggles and challenges.  

While this faith message has been with me for over fourteen years, it has surfaced as a thoughtful choice to guide my way this year. Let's see where this word will take me for hope has wings.

Stay tuned for more on my #oneword2018. 
For now, I am joining my writing group,

hosted by Margaret Simon this month.
SPECIAL NOTICE on the subject of ONE WORDS:

Join #NYEDChat on January 8th. We will discuss #EduBlogging: Power of One Word to Guide Our 2018 Journeys. 

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