Thursday, January 11, 2018

Special Mail Delivery

Oh my, where does my time go! I need my 2018 one word hope to rescue me because I am always a "day late and a dollar short". Time management seems to be on my immediate list of improvements for this year.

When I received a package in the mail from Linda Mitchell, I was perplexed. I know that I missed the Winter Poetry Swap that Tabatha Yeats initiated and I was not sure if I had the instructions for Jone MacCulloch's Poetry Postcard Exchange so Linda's package was a wonderful surprise. 

Her swap centers around the theme of journey and travel. The map in the background was of Italy. Little did Linda know that Italy has been a long-standing dream place to travel to with my family so how serendipitous this is! Maybe my #oneword2018 will fulfill my wish at some time in the future. For the present, Google Maps and Waze are doing a wonderful job of getting me from Long Island to Reston, Virginia for my awaited visits with my granbaby. 

Getting back to the map poem -- another interesting point about the map theme is that Linda lives in Virginia and I plan to map out how far her home is from my daughter's. Perhaps, there will be a meet-up in the summer when I am in Virginia.

Now, I am ready to take a closer look at what was sent in the package. Linda's postcards remind me of the early 20th century cards etched on wood. They are durable. They have corner tabs as were common in the 1940s-50s. 

The above poem is informative and pairs well with the one below that starts of with 
"A map is a hand held journey--
beatific links between 
star points of some galaxy of thought, word, or action."

Ah, reading that opening put me in a happy state which may have been the point. While the next few lines bring me back to reality with an informational piece, the words "heart held" and the ending words, "between hearts", took me back to a wondering state of bliss. 

I thank Linda for her craft project and research that produced two interesting poems that filled my heart with joy. I am now hoping for a year of wonder-filled travels wherever they may be. 

I'm sending Linda a special wish for a summer meet-up:
To see the animated version of this Buncee go

It is Poetry Friday time and  my colleague, Jan at Bookseedstudio, is hosting. I am off to see what she has in store for the poetry roundup.

The January thaw is melting our snow
but there may another storm on its way.

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