Friday, January 19, 2018

Poetic Messages of Joy

as winter settles in
soup simmers on the stove
hot chocolate waits
all is still
©CVarsalona, 2018


With the snowfall of last week a memory away, I leave the warmth of the yoga studio thinking how much easier it is to maneuver the walkways. The sound of the invocation of peace, "Om, shanti, shanti, shanti", replays in my mind and I feel calm and joyful, despite the cold weather. I  hope to find a poetry postcard in my mailbox when I return home. Thanks to the organizational efforts of fellow poet, Jone Rush MacCullochher Poetry Postcard exchange to usher in the new year with peaceful and joyful thoughts is thriving. I feel fortunate to receive some poetic messages from friends. Since I am in the process of creating and sending my postcards out, I will share what I created  last year. 

It is serendipitous that I found my 2017 postcard because I forgot that it holds my 2018 one word, hope, and a greeting of peace. 


With joy, I share this week's poetic greetings from Linda Baie, Diane Mayr, and Christie Wyman.   

Linda Baie's glorious sunset image poem:

Diane Mayr's New Year haiku postcard:

Christie Wyman's delicate drawing and haiku:

I shared Linda Mitchell's poetry postcards last week's Poetry Friday. Here is the link in case you missed it. I hope you agree with me that these postcard greetings are poetic messages of joy. They brought such joyful feelings to me this winter and I am grateful.

Kay McGriff, host of today's Poetry Friday Roundup, is also celebrating the arrival of her set of poetry postcards so be sure to stop by the Poetry Friday Roundup at her blog site.

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