Thursday, January 25, 2018

Invitation to Winter Wonderland Gallery

Winter calls us to snuggle inside and find peace in the stillness-
to listen soulfully to the sounds of nature-

to wonder deeply about life,
as the warmth of white blankets cover the earth
or the glare of the sun showers land.

Whether you live in warm climates or snow-covered lands, winter is the time to tuck yourself in, uncover the layers of life, and hope for a year of blessings. 

JanYOUary is your time to notice, wonder, and capture
the beauty of stilled wonders. 
I invite you to discover nature's artistry this January and February in your locales where earth can be covered in winter white blankets or warmed by the sun's brilliance.  
Calling ALL adults, students, classes to:
capture YOUR perspective of the winter season in any of these  mediums: photographs, videos, digital slide shows, songs musical compositions, artistic renderings, collages, illustrations, digital inspirations, image poems, inspirational quotes, sketches, or hand-draw pictures. Share your inspirations globally.

All offerings must:

-Have proper credit for work displayed with the name of the author and location of the image embedded at the bottom of the image.

-Be sent in a thumbnail (jpeg or png) format, 450 pixels or no larger than a 3 by 5 image to my gmail account (cvarsalona at dot com) with the subject line Winter Wonderland Gallery.

-Be placed in the repository on Twitter under the hashtag #WinterWonderland18❄️.

-Be submitted by February 28, 2018.

Examples of past winter galleries can be accessed at:

"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation."
-Paul Theroux

Let's spread joy and inspiration this winter season through this gallery of artistic expressions.

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