Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Celebrating Granbaby's 1st Christmas

There is something magical about the holiday season and this year was no exception. It was filled with a whirlwind of joyful celebrations focusing around my granbaby's first Christmas. How fortunate I felt to celebrate with Sierra Kathryn and both sides of her family at her home in Virginia. While she was too little to understand the significance of Christmas, it was delightful watching her smile her way through all the happenings and be part of many photo shoots. 

Now, after a weeklong stay in Virginia and a day of cleanup after my New Year's Eve party, I have time to quietly recall 2017's joyful Christmas visit. It was indeed a week to remember and so I record the blessed celebrations in photos taken with my iPhone.

Creating the following digital photo journal reminds me of when my children were little. Photo albums were filled with still photos from my 35 ml camera and processed at the local camera shop.  


C hristmas Card 
H artnett house lit up for Santa's arrival
R e-Christmas fun
We were in awe of the outdoor decorations of this house in Reston.
People gathered to see the spectacular 2017 Festival of Lights at Morman Tabernacle in Maryland.
We were inspired by the United States Botanical Garden Exhibit of structures made from plant materials.
We enjoyed walking around the White House Outdoor Christmas Tree and then to the Capitol Building's tree.
Santa Team pajamas and hats were a hit on Christmas Eve!
Chr I stmas Day
My children posed in front of the beautiful Nativity Creche at St. John Neumann Church in Reston.
My sister and I enjoyed visiting the creche after Christmas Mass.
Grandpa and Sierra Kathryn relaxed after Mass.
Uncle Derek had so much fun with his goddaughter.
S ierra enjoyed gifts from Santa. 
Chris T mas dinner was luscious.
M ommy and baby had some cuddle time.
Gr A ndma Time was special.
S ierra surprised everyone with sitting up on her own.
A video of this milestone happening can be accessed here.

Joyful memories were made during the Christmas 2017 week. Now that I had time to collect the best photos, I can look back upon them while being away from my sweet little granbaby. 

I hope that your memories were as wonderful as mine and that your family time was filled with joy. Happy New Year to the all! 

I send warm greetings for 2018 to the following writing communities: #sol18 at Two Writing Teachers and
Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres.

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