Saturday, January 6, 2018

Celebrating My One Word

My #oneword2018 came to me years ago when it softly cushioned some life challenges. You can read about this in my introduction to my one word. Little did I know that "hope" would snuggle me like warm socks on a cold night and then, be tucked away. It was just waiting in the wings for the chance to become my focal point and a guide for my 2018 journey. 

A few days ago, hope quietly entered my life space, like the first drifting snow drops sparkling in early morning. I felt your presence as you connected to each of my previous years' choices. You gathered openness, listen, believe, and joy together to reflect on what was to come.  

You came one day
like snowdrops 
falling from above,
then landed softly.

Not knowing your intent
but feeling your presence, 
I invited you to stay
as my welcomed guest.

With your nudging,
I opened my heart,
listened carefully, and believed
in your power to joyfully guide.

Now, I feel as though 
I can soar like the eagle
with spread wings toward
possibilities unknown.
©CVarsalona, 2018

I celebrate my one word, hope.

Thank you, Ruth Ayres, for your weekly celebration of life.

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