Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Snow Slush

It's snow slush time once again. It has been several days of frozen temperatures after the snowstorm but today the weather is milder. The white pristine snow glistens under the gaze of the snow sun and softens before my eyes. Thinking that the melted snow will help speed up the snow removal task, I whisk the shovel around, aggressively break up the piled snow. I watch as the snow tumbles and takes a plunge into a puddled area. A new color arises. Murky grey water mixes with pure white snow and snow slush is created. 

While it is not appealing to look at, the snow slush reminds me of the holidays when I mix colors for cake frosting. A little of this and a little of that makes for a strong visual presentation. So too, in my driveway, I experiment to find the right mixture. I carefully take another snow shovel scoop of pure white snow and blend it with a dose of tread-upon snow. I add in some melted water and wait for a new and exciting blend to make the snow shoveling routine a brighter shade of grey. 

While this does not work, I am able to carve out a nice path to the left of the house while the men tackle the right side. Then, I quietly return indoors to wait for nature to take its course.

From pristine white stage

to snow slush

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