Thursday, March 1, 2018

March Musings #1 Part 2: Facing the Music

I am not musically inclined. Evidence: I cannot sing and did not finish my harp lessons in 9th grade because of the huge blisters on my fingers and lack of funds to rent or buy the instrument. But I do enjoy listening to music and seeing how it positively contributes to my well-being. 

Last night, as I was researching, I happened upon the article, 10 Positive Benefits of Listening to Music According to Science, that lists important, findings based on research. I chose three that I feel are the most important for my well-being. "Music increases happiness, decreases stress while improving overall health, and improves sleep." Happily, I listened to the following instrumental composition. It soothed my cluttered, fragmented mind so I could have a restful sleep.

Mindfulness Relaxing Music for Stress Relief


This morning was a fresh start. I stared at the Spiritual Journey first Thursday writing task created by host, Karen Eastlund. She chose facing the music as a topic. When I face the music in my life, I have a few choices: cry and run away from the issue or stand tall and reflact (reflect with action). I choose to reflect on my missteps, examine where I'm going, and with hope grow in the spirit. 

A quote by Paul Theroux, that I hold dear at this time of year, popped into my head. I wrote about it recently. "Winter is a season of recovery and preparation."  It is during this time of the Lenten season that I need to "recover" from the hustle bustle of life, take time to listen, reflect, and  prepare to journey on. There is comfort in knowing that there is a time set aside for this.

Journey to the Past

Today is a special day. It is #ThankfulThursday, the opening day of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge (you can find my #SOL18 morning post here) and it's Spiritual Journey 1st Thursday at  Irene Latham's blog siteConsider joining me at these sites. 

Day 1, Part 2

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