Sunday, March 25, 2018

March Musings #25: Birthday Traditions

What's a birthday without a wish and a cake?

This morning, I greeted my husband with "Happy Birthday" and then, fell back asleep while he took my son to work. I finally woke at 10 a.m. and realized that I did not order the cake. Oops, what shall I do? 

Our family tradition is that the birthday person decides on how the day is to be spent, gets a delicious meal of his/her choosing, and has a delicious birthday cake to blow out to the tune of a family chorus of Happy Birthday. 

My mother always made each of us a beautifully decorated, tasty cake for each birthday but now I have to rely on my own baking skills to create a cake to my husband's liking. The clock is ticking.

As my husband comes in the house, I wish him Happy Birthday.  Then, I start thinking what can we do. A walk on the beach, dinner out, a cake? The cake is first on the list but I don't have time to bake. Cassata cake, an Italian cake soaked in rum with a layer of cannoli cream and whipped cream on the outside, is decided upon. I call the bakery and am grateful that they are still open. 

As we are ready to leave, my husband hears the phone buzzing. It is my daughter and our grandbaby in her jumping chair ringing us on Google Hangout. Once we connect we see Sierra who is more interested in the phone flashing in front of her than watching us on a little phone screen. She quickly beomes disenchanted with the call which is not like her at all. She usually is so happy when we have our long-distant talks so we agree to talk later. 

Off we go to the bakery. There is one cassata cake on the shelf. I stop to look at all of the choices and by the time, I decided to take the cassata cake, someone else picks it up. Off we to the Italian bakery nearby. There are two choices of cassata cake there. The traditional yellow cake and one that we never had before, chocolate with chocolate pudding and cannolli cream. We take the chocolate one and start traveling home thinking about where we should go for dinner. 

It's the evening now. The house is quiet and I have time to write. Dinner was wonderful. It was in one of our favorite restaurateur's recently opened restaurants. We did get to go the ocean for a few minutes (brr, it was cold), and we had the birthday party with cake. (The baby missed the singing of happy birthday because she was asleep by the time we called.) 

Birthdays are whole day affairs in my home. By the end of the day, my husband was so tired from a full day of birthday fun that he went off to sleep early. Part two of my husband's birthday tradition comes next week when the whole family gathers for Easter at my sister's house in Syracuse. 


Day 25 of Two Writing Teachers' March Slice of Life Story Challenge

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