Friday, March 23, 2018

March Musings 23: Nor'easter 4

Wednesday night as the nor'easter settled down for a #winterinspring nap, I captured its beauty, wondering what to expect next. 

Knowing that the morning commute across Long Island would be long and laborious, I went to sleep but the thought that my the alarm would not go off made me jittery. I kept waking and checking outside my window. Each time I looked, it appeared that the snow inched higher and thicker than before. 

A quick wake-up call announced, "Two hour delay for my workshop presentation." I peered out from my window. The neighborhood was even more still than the night before, except for huge snow droppings from heavily snow-laden limbs. Off  I went to get a few more winks of sleep until another call woke me. "Workshop canceled. It's a snow day." 

A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky - unbidden -
and seems like a thing of wonder. - Susan Orlean

...and so as the tale goes, Lady Winter continued to hang onto her winter dreams and created one more #winterinspring day.

Poetry Friday is being hosted today by the wonderful children's poet and writer, Laura Purdie Salas at Writing the World For Kids
Please Save The Date, April 9th, for the combined #NYEDChat/#Wonderchat  to hear from Laura Purdie Salas, Irene Latham, and Charles Waters as they celebrate National Poetry Month with twitters.

Day 23 of Two Writing Teachers' March Slice of Life Story Challenge

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