Thursday, March 15, 2018

March Musings #15: Snow-Kissed Winter

Lately, nor'easters come and go on Long Island announcing their arrival and quick departure like layover flights. You would think Long Islanders are used to the meteorologists creating a stir with their predictions. You would also think that people would not scramble to grocery stores as if they were in survival mode or that the local Home Depot would become the mecca for winter shoppers. We should  be used to the fluctuating changes in the weather by now but we really aren't. 

I remember my days growing up in Central New York. Winters were a mix of gray days and piles of snow. People bundled up from Thanksgiving to Easter and snow was a shared experience. When I first moved to Long Island, I laughed when the snow came and saw the shock on everyone's faces. But I must admit that this time when the nor'easter decided to return for another run, I was perplexed. 

Yesterday, I was scheduled to travel to Albany, our state capital, for the last in this year's series of statewide conferences.  Since Monday, I felt harried. I listened to the weather report, called the Albany hotel several times, and checked in with other travelers. My colleagues whom I was driving up with decided not to venture out into the predicted storm. I waited to see the extent of the storm and made a final decision last night. Since I already had a crazy experience a couple of years ago during a blizzard trying to get from Long Island to New York City's Penn Station and off to Albany, I decided not to attend this last conference. I guess it was the right decision to stay home because I knew I could read the material distributed online. 

What transpired: After all that worrying and planning would you believe that the storm came, left a light winter blanket on the ground, and then by afternoon took off?  Weather patterns are strange here. One thing I can say for sure, winter has been having fun creating a stir and leaving its snow kisses for us. 

Snow Kisses

If you go out when it’s snowing
And look up at the sky,
You’ll feel lots of icy kisses
As the snowflakes flutter by.

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