Monday, March 12, 2018

March Musings #12: Winter at the Beach

"Sun's out. Let's go to the beach."

That's all it took to lure me aware from Sunday chores. My husband, son, and I were going to our happiness place. Since I had not been to the beach in months, I was excited to see what winter would look like this year.

Arrival: I was bundled up and ready to walk the boardwalk when I turned back to see my husband and son without a heavy winter jacket. Not to worry. I am always the one that is cold. But as soon as I started walking toward the beach, I felt it-the whipping winds of winter. My husband thought out loud. "I guess this is going to be a short walk!" We continued to head toward the boardwalk and there they were, the beach and the ocean right in front of us. The scene looked so calm. If it wasn't for the wind you would have thought that spring arrived.

Spring-not yet, winter had the upper hand! As we walked on the boardwalk, we trudged against the wind, reached an agreed upon spot, and walked back with the wind behind us. Then, we saw a couple of amazing sights:

a baby gleefully enjoying the gathering of hungry seagulls circling her

a couple climbing the sand dune barefoot to gaze at the calm ocean-brrr

As we left the beach, my husband said, "Aren't you glad that we came to the beach today?"

"Yes, it was a short but memorable visit to our happiness place."

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