Saturday, March 3, 2018

March Musings #3: Celebrate This Week

One day warm enough to walk outside with a light jacket-another day bundled up to stay grounded during a nor'easter - strange weather patterns happened this week. 

While it was great getting outdoors for a walk in the sunshine, the sudden change created quite a stir on Long Island. Unfortunately, many limbs from our majestic trees in the neighborhood were strewn around the ground with remnants of thrown-over garbage cans.

The good news is that the expected power outage on Friday never happened so I was able to continue baking for the Sunday Oscar parting my family and I are attending. 

But then this morning, I opened a text from my daughter that was dated last night. During the nor'easter two of the trees on their property toppled over and landed very close to their home. "We're at a hotel." 

Shocked by the news, I scurried to make a call and then, a Google Hangout to see that everyone was fine.  Relieved that all was okay for the time being, we said our goodbyes and would wait for more news. Stay tuned...

🙋While there may have been uncomfortable situations this week, the positives outweigh the issues. At Mass tonight, I was thankful and felt blessed.

Each week Ruth Ayres Celebrates This Week at her blog site. I am grateful for this writing community that celebrates the positives of life. I am also grateful for the March Slice of Life writing community at Two Writing Teachers.
                                                Day 3

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