Saturday, March 10, 2018

March Musings #10: Berry Time

For the month of February, I was inspired to write ekphrastic poetry with Laura Shovan in her 6th Annual February Poem Project.  Now, I am taking a second look at the pieces I created. I was a bit sidetracked when a new photo, "Huckleberry Heart" by a local Montana photographer, John Ashley, popped up on my screen for a follow-up challenge. The photo so inspired me to write that I decided to create an image poem. I send thank yous to my writing friend, Dani Burtsfield for providing an aha moment for me with this photo she shared for the challenge. Below is the digitally designed image poem I created with FotoJet.

To ensure that the proper amount of inspired energy be poured into the above piece of writing, I turned to Google Hangout for an early morning peek at my almost nine-month old grandbaby. Recently, Sierra learned how to blow raspberries. (I guess if I was living in Montana, Dani, I might say Sierra enjoys blowing huckleberries.) Maybe, Sierra will show off her new skill when she travels next week with her parents to Montana for a skiing adventure.

I was able to catch this photo while chatting with Sierra on Google Hangout (GHO) during the week. Today, she threw us two more raspberries during our Saturday morning call. It was a delicious moment of fun watching her have fun with her mouth.

I celebrate writing time and connecting time with Sierra as part of this week's celebration of life. 

Ruth Ayres has a wonderful story of friendship and the power of one word

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