Thursday, March 22, 2018

March Musings #22: RSVP

From my high school French teacher, I learned that it is proper etiquette to Respondez s'il vous plait to invitations. On March 1st, a writer friend of mine, Leigh Anne Eck, sent out an invitation from her blog site about her virtual March Slice of Life Story Challenge party. Knowing that I love a good party, I stored the online invitation away but that was not a smart move because my desk is a cluttered mess and I cannot find anything. Thanks to my Wonder Lead Ambassador/slicer friend Christie Wyman, her blog post reminded to RSVP.



You can find the enlarged version of this digital creation at Buncee here and be sure to listen to Abba's song to get in the dancing mood.

After I send this out, I will have officially RSVP'd. Leigh Ann asked us to bring a  surprise to the party.  Since today is Nor'easter #4 and the day after World Poetry Day, I will bring poetry postcards so party goers can create #imagepoems of Long Island's #winterinspring.

This scene from late last night was the right choice for a daguerreotype look. Now it's ready for a poem. Anyone interested in creating one?

Day 22 of Two Writing Teachers' March Slice of Life Story Challenge

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