Monday, March 5, 2018

March Musings Day 5: Power of Being Connected

Being Connected Matters!

Within connected spaces
an electricity explodes.
Borders flatten.
Tribes come together.
Voices rise and expand.
PLNs grow exponentially.
Learning thrives.
©CVarsalona, 2018

I am a believer in the power of being connected, as do other connected educators. I understand that virtual communications bind us together in unique ways. Within my tribe of connected educators, I find support on my journey to find my greatness as a lifelong learner.  

Before connected learning was popular, voices were in silos. People worked alone, trying to navigate their path. One shot professional development did not open doors to enlightened learning unless strategies discussed were implemented, reflected upon, and shared with colleagues. Now with the advent of asynchronous, choice-driven learning available on Twitter, sparks fly. 

Today is #CelebrateMonday, the day set aside to extol successes in educations so I am celebrating connections, particularly the one with Kimberly Davis, the author of Brave Leadership. I met Kimberly online after hearing her speak at #G2Great. I was thrilled that Kimberly enthusiastically agreed to join me at #NYEDChat tonight for a lively Twitter conversation on the topic of "Owning Our Brave". While preparing for this chat, I read her manifesto. One statement jumped out at me "We believe that everyone has the ability to make a positive impact." Isn't that a powerful belief? 

I am excited to be able to moderate NYEDChat tonight and be in Kimberly's powerful but virtual presence. Will you join me to dig deeper into the topic, "Owning Our Brave"?  I am ready to embrace the connections.


It's Day 5 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

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