Friday, May 4, 2018

Color My World Spring, Digitally

I have been waiting for there to be a full week of warm weather to color my world spring. This week, a mix of spring and summer weather, brought out the best of neighborhood liveliness. Evidence of this was baby stroller sightings, children frolicking in the school playrground, family bikers guiding their children in their new training wheels adventure, and yogis meeting in the yoga studio.  I wanted to share the excitement of spring in a vivid, expressive way to bring the effect that weather has on people's psyches.  

I decided that digital art and poetry would be the best format to combine what I see, hear, and smell on spring days. I started with taking photos of an early morning view of nature from my window. My ordinary morning shot needed to be enhanced to convey my sentiments so I turned to appsmashing. I tried several platforms to find the right mix. Staring into my new digitized photo (above) allowed me to think of various words to describe what I felt. Attending my yoga class, experimenting with language, and just simply playing with different formats of poetry brought me to the final stages of my color my world spring digital inspiration incorporating the various emotions I felt this week.  

"Poetry is the spontaneous flow of powerful feelings:
it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility."
-William Wordsworth

I'm adding my thoughts to the Poetry Friday Roundup. My poet friend, Brenda Harsham is hosting today with her Starry, Starry Spring poetry.

 Please see the 2018 Progressive Poem, Poet's Jasmine: Blooming Lovely, that was created by 30 different Poetry Friday poets.  You can access it here at Irene Latham's blog site. Irene started the tradition of writing the progressive poem during National Poetry Month in 2012.

I created this digital for the poem. You can see the poem and others at my upcoming  newest gallery, Sense-sational Spring

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