Monday, May 21, 2018

Celebrate Sunshine and Happiness

After a week of grey days and rain, the sky opened yesterday to a brilliant sunshiny day that brought crowds of people to the Long Beach boardwalk. A sense of freshness and hope was in the air. 

There was a buzz on the boardwalk as babies were strolled, bicyclists exercised, teams enjoyed volleyball, and a yogi on the beach greeted the sun. Everyone seemed to feel the need to celebrate springtime under a canopy of the sunshine. 

As my husband and I walked the boardwalk, we paused briefly to look at the beach artwork. Although we have done this many times, we chose a section that reminded me that the beach filled with sunshine is our happiness go to place

Today, the sun is shining again so I am off for another walk before the final preparations for a happiness happening on Twitter. #NYEDChat, the education chat for NYS educators and beyond, is featuring Happiness Coach, Kim Strobel, as guest moderator.  The topic for tonight's chat is "The Science of Happiness" and both Kim and I are very excited about it.

In closing, I think back what was last week when grey skies replaced sunshine. Negative thoughts about the weather were voiced, thus leading to slumped over stances and little smiling. While I always say it is best to remain positive, I will now add a new thought from Kim's research findings: happiness is a choice. 


Celebrate Each Week with Positivity!


Happiness Challenge: If you are inclined to brighten the world with a spring digital, whether it is an image poem, nature photo, inspirational quote, or piece of artwork, you may be interested in offering your work for my Sense-sational Spring Gallery of Artistic Expressions. I would like to fill the global online gallery with inspiration so that voice can be carried. The invitation can be accessed here.

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