Saturday, May 26, 2018

Window Poems

I wake each day, look out my window, and wonder what will be. Do you do this?

At the beginning of the month, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes invited Julie Fogliano to  Today's Little Ditty. During the interview, Michelle asked Julie to create a Ditty Challenge for May: stare out the window and write what you see. In response, I have penned three poems.

Window Poem #1:
Remembering when a week of rainy and damp weather was the norm:

Mother Nature colored the world a shade of grey,
While leisurely planning her artistic play.
Thought again, and repainted the sky
By mixing her favorite bright, blue dye.
Her plan to change the landscape green
Was vividly noticed on my window screen.
©Carol Varsalona, 2018

Window Poem #2:
After the endless rainstorms that I watched each day from my window, I created this image poem / digital inspiration:

Window Poem #3:
My latest digital inspiration recollects what I have seen this week from my window vantage point:

Thank you Michelle H. Barnes and Julie Fogliano for inspiring me to present my poetic perspective from my daily practice of looking out my window.

Are you interested in another creative challenge? I am collecting digital inspirations, nature photography, inspirational quotes, image poems, spring songs, and artwork for my Sense-sational Spring Gallery of Artistic Expressions that will be unveiled in June. If interested, the invitation with the guidelines can be accessed here

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