Saturday, May 12, 2018

Celebrating Mother's Day 2018

Saturday morning opened with the sweet sound of birds calling to one another and a Google Hangout with my grandbaby. It's Mother's Day Weekend and I feel lucky that technology has shortened the distance between Virginia and Long Island so that I can spend some time with my little grandbaby. Isn't that wonderful? Via Google Hangout, I was able to see Sierra eating her breakfast, waving to my husband, son, and me, and enjoying her first hand clap. Later, I saw Sierra trying out her new crawl move. With great joy we all applauded her efforts.  

Beside all of this, I found a surprise from Google Photos. A Mother's Day video card was ready to be uploaded with my permission. Below you will find the wonderful photo tribute for my daughter's first Mother's Day. Google also created a video card for me too. You can see it here.

Happy Mother's Day wishes go out to all of my face-to-face and virtual friends. May the peace of Mother's Day fall upon you as you listen to Celine Dion's beautiful song, A Mother's Prayer.

Step out in style tomorrow. Celebrate Mother's Day!

I hope a sense-sational spring day awaits you.

I am collecting digital offerings, nature photographs, image poems, inspirational quotes, original music, and artwork for my upcoming global gallery of artistic expressions, Sense-sational Spring Gallery.

Each weekend I celebrate the week with Ruth Ayres and her community of writers at Celebrate This Week. How did you celebrate your week?

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