Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Celebrating What's New

Another weeklong celebration of spring, has inspired me to notice my surroundings in a new way. From the stance of an observer, I reflected and created #digipoetry (digital poetry) for my upcoming global gallery of artistic expressions, Sense-sational Spring and the family's Google Photos album.

So Just What Is New?

I created my first Fib poem with a photo I digitized
as the promot.

Based on my yoga practice and the colors of spring
I channeled my emotions to create a poem of feelings.

Each week, I connect with my grandbaby
via Google Hangout because she lives 5 1/2 hours away.
I love watching her grow.

seven little teeth 
extra gentle soothing needed-
rub a dub thumb 

camera ready
happy smile lights up screen-
distance melts


I offer this post to both Ruth Ayres' weekly site Celebrate This Week and Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life to connect with my writing colleagues. May each person who reads this post, celebrate spring in your own special way and enjoy your Mother's Day.

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