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Railroads have played an important role in American history since the early 19th century so when Margaret Simon asked the Poetry Friday writers who would be interested in a photo/poetry exchange, "More Than Meets the Eye," for the May 25th Poetry Friday Round-up, I chose the Long Island Railroad system as my topic. Margaret's guidelines encouraged all to create after close observation and a dash of research.
  1. Email an original photo from your geographical area to your partner. Identify the photo specifically in case your partner wants to do some research. 
  2. Write a poem in any form in response to the photograph you receive.
  3. Create a blog post including the photo you were sent and the poem you wrote. Pingback to your partner's blog and link it on my site for Poetry Friday on May 25th.
When I found out that Kay McGriff was my writing partner, I was delighted. Kay and I have been involved in various challenges and she often creates image poems for my galleries. I knew that this was going to be a good match but I did not know that it would be a serendipitous one. Both of us without knowledge from the other independently chose railroads as our subject. Kay sent me her beautiful photo of the railroad crossing over the Muscatatuck River in Vernon, Indiana first. I wanted to move past my comfort zone so I tried a prose poem followed by a poem that deals with personification and linked the ideas together. 

To Kay's email, I replied, "Kay, this is so interesting. I was planning on sending you a photo of the Long Island Railroad stop because the railroad is one of the prominent means of transportation across Long Island....Serendipity!" I followed this with four photos that Kay could choose as her prompt. Some were from my hometown that is on the western end of Long Island, one of the closest stops on the railroad that heads to New York City. The other was from a town that is mid-island. I am looking forward to seeing which photo Kay chooses. 

Reflecting on a Hoosier Spring Day 

Morning opens sun-kissed and scented with the smell of Hoosier springtime. A softened glow proudly showcases a long-standing railroad crossing. All is silent and still honoring sacred land once trod by Native Americans. Even the jeweled tones of the Muscatatuck River pay homage to spring's call causing a hazy mirrored reflection. Above a connecting railroad crossing strong and solid stands proudly against the soft river bend that winds its way toward town. There is no sign of a train passing through, yet the woods echo tales retold by retired railroad workers who reside nearby. The river waits at this bend to reawaken history but on this spring morning only a lingering memory of time past exists.
I am from time past,
from structure and steam
moving from here to there
in rhythmic speed.
I am from a bending river 
wrapped in mosaic colors
of sunshine and stories
quietly humming
tall tales once told.
I am from strong people
laboring in the sun,
swelling with pride
watching their railroad 
chug along as it 
sings its morning song.
I am from Hoosier pride
residing in gentle folds
of the Muscatatuck River.
Come visit me - I am
nature's resting place.
©CVarsalona, 2018

Postcard from Indiana
to Kay McGriff

Now it is time to see what Kay McGriff is sending me for the "More Than Meets the Eye" exchange program created by Margaret Simon who is also Louisiana's hostess with the mostess for the May 25th's Poetry Friday!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I am gathering spring digitals for my Sense-sational Spring Gallery.
Please join in!

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