Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Positively Positive Start to 2015

Connected colleagues have a bond that crosses regions, boundaries, and the globe. With their diverse perspectives, they can enliven conversations, enrich experiences, and engage audiences through blogging, tweeting, other forms of social media, and in face-to-face conversations. 

As we enter a new year of learning together, we recognize that there are many roads to travel. Determination and resiliency will allow us to transverse the bumps in the road and proceed on our journeys. In the end, our destinations will be reached. 

I thank the many educators and colleagues that I have met, collaborated and chatted with, and shared learning. To those professional and personal friends, I wish a positively positive start to 2015.

Travel through 2015  
on a journey of discovery and wonder
celebrating positive thinking!

Listen - Learn - Live!

Be prepared for the rest stops 
along the way. 
Pause and reflect!

Be aware of the detours 
leading you to an alternate route. 
Observe and move on!

Be cautious of the potholes
found on each road.
Veer away before getting stuck!

Be watchful 
on darkened roads.
Bright lights are needed!

Travel the highways of life
with watchful eyes, 
and clear vision
toward your destination.


Celebrate the travel.
Connect with those you meet.
Journey on with a positive stance.

It is not about the destination.
It is about the journey,
connecting openly with life
and allowing life to connect with you.

Listen to the sounds of the road
Travel the highway of positivity this year. 
Happy New Year!

Today, as I greeted the New Year, I found a blogging group that writes about positivity. Please consider reading the thoughts of the bloggers of the Positive Thinking Thursday group hosted by Jennifer Laffin at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings. I am glad to kick off the 2015 with Jennifer.

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