Saturday, January 17, 2015

Celebrating Winter Whisperings This Season

Winter is a season that can bring the warmth of a fireplace, the glow of the sun, and the freshness of crisp air into our hearts. It is a time to step back, reflect on our ordinary weeks to find the celebrations that exist. Stories evolve from these reflections.

At the Celebrate This Week site created by Ruth Ayres, bloggers write to celebrate personal and professional stories that shed light on the positive aspects of life. Our stories offer a glimpse of life and learning through our struggles and successes. 

At times, life's tasks interfere with personal reflection time. When this occurs, we need to respect our responsibilities, wait, and LISTEN (my OLW) for the voice inside that says it is time to celebrate. I celebrate positivity this week as an antidote to what I used to call the winter blues. As I took down the outside Christmas decorations (a bit overdue) in the cold this afternoon, the sun was shining. I noted to my son that I would truly welcome winter into my life this year. He shrugged and said his usual retort, "It's too cold here."

To honor my positive attitude toward winter, I created a background of blue on my Tweeter site. With this in place, I can shed the winter blues' attitude to create a framework for positivity in 2015. I am ready to take on what used to be considered by me the burdens of winter. A calling to LISTEN to winter's whisperings will inspire me to write and hopefully impact others' thoughts. 

Celebrate winter with me! 
Reflect on its positives 
and its serene beauty 
that glisten across the snow, 
are pampered by the sun in the south, 
and shine forth in drizzling rain. 
See winter's blush and smile. 
Find its many faces 
to celebrate the season's 
winter whisperings.

Today, I celebrate the winter whisperings that are being sent to me for my upcoming global gallery of artistic expressions from those around the globe. You can find out more about how to offer your musings on the season of winter here and here. Let's connect, celebrate winter, and remember that there are untold stories about the season that will shed a positive light from the winter sun. With each story that unfolds you can: Help me find the perfect swatch to color a world of winter watch.

Discover. Play. Build.
Ruth Ayres invites us each week to celebrate life. 

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