Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter Whisperings Calling to Me

This week, winter graced Long Island with biting cold and snowy drops that patterned their flight with the grace of a ballerina on stage. White flakes moved to and fro before stepping lightly on earth. As the steady stream approached, the flakes settled creating a soft white setting for little feet to tip toe through. It all appeared so serene as I listened in silence from my windowed perch.  

Thought #1

Snow dances in patterns. I watch its flight.
As dreamers wander and writers write.

Thought #2

With a writer's eye,
staring upon street corners 
of partial winter white, 
I reflect in the light:

Help me find the perfect swatch
to color a world of winter watch.

Thought #3

May winter call to you as it enters each locale. From the blustery sub-zero states to the warmth of the southern exposures, winter greets all of us in a variety of ways. Let it speak to you and provide a perspective unique to your region. From its call the Winter Whisperings Gallery of Artistic Expressions will arise. Please join me this season to showcase winter as a season for listening to the callings of nature as it surrounds us in its varied colors of winter white. In the above image, winter is lit by the radiance of the sun reflecting upon the snow. Wih the assistance of photo editing tools I was able to emphasize the "snowsun." 

You can access information about the gallery at last week's Poetry Friday offering here.

With winter winds calling me this morning, 
I ask you to journey over to Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference
 as she hosts the Poetry Friday Round-up.
Her offering of William Carlos Williams' poem, Winter Trees, 
is the perfect entrance for my post.

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