Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ready for #Nerdlution15

It's time to stop lollygagging about my nerdlution now that I have settled on my One Little Word, listen. The time is right to give full attention to what is possible for me to accomplish in the next fifty days so today I am announcing my 2015 nerdlution as a basis for my positivity campaign. 

I decided not to make any resolutions that will be dropped along the way but a nerdlution is a nerdy form of my OLW so that is fine. As Colby Sharp says, these nerdlutions should become part of our lives and no longer goals. Hopefully, my nerdlution will become a way of life for me. So what I can realistically do for the next fifty days?

Are you ready to LISTEN? I have three tasks that will comprise my #Nerdlution15.

1. LISTEN intently to what life has to offer and what I can offer back. You 
can read more about this quest here and here. 

2. Write each day, LISTENING to the voice inside and hopefully the muse who visits me. I will offer my new gallery, Winter Whisperings, as a platform for diverse writers to gather together to publicize that reflective writing matters. 
I am inviting all connected colleagues to write for the Winter Whisperings Gallery of Artistic Expressions. Are you curious? If so, you can access information here and see the previous gallery collection, Finding Fall here

3. Publicize #NYEDChat as the voice of New York State educators to focus on the importance of connectivity as a way to blur the lines of boundaries that separate. With a concerted effort, PD love will be highlighted throughout the next fifty days and beyond, via Twitter educhats.

These three components of my Nerdlution 2015 are doable, so I offer them into the wide reaches of social media to bring focus to the power of togetherness on the journey of life.

I am off to making my Nerdlution 2015 a reality. 
Join Me.

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