Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Focus, Listen, and Fly Toward the Sky

If we FOCUS on the task at hand, 
LISTEN to our hearts 
as planned,
our thoughts can soar,
touch the sky, 
and momentarily
2015 C. Varsalona

I have never been a dare devil who longs to glide across the ocean, fly an airplane, or jump out of one, but the thought of letting my spirit fly is very appealing. I often feel a rush when creativity sparks. Words leap forth, spin, and cascade gently to lay in the arms of a poem, an artistic saying, or a piece of prose. Their flight is launched from deep within, stretching across the wide expanse of the mind. The fleeting nature of creative thought flickers in space. I strive to focus and listen daily for its calling, pushing the limits of my daily writing as the Divine Spirit guides my hand. Is it the gift of faith that allows my words to take flight? I like to think so. With deep regard for the words of the Spirit, I focus on this line from Psalm 18:10.

He mounted the cherubim and flew; He soared on the wings of the wind.
New International Version

Words have wings like an eagle. courage unlike the cowardly lion, and possibilities like our endless, spiritual journeys. Let them fly today and every day as a recognition of the Lord's lasting gifts to us.

As you seek the Lord's wisdom, focus on faith to let your words fly . 

After listening to this contemporary Christian song, turn your attention to Holly Mueller's Spiritual Journey Thursday site where she and the faithful community of bloggers come together to pause, reflect, and write on a topic. January and February's blogs are devoted to each blogger's one little word journeys, starting with Holly's word, focus. My OLW, listen, was the topic last week. Fly, this week's topic is Michelle Haseltine's word. I thank Holly for her guidance in choosing "just right" topics and bringing this community together. I am grateful for our connections and hope others are drawn closer to their spiritual journeys.

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