Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Light that Shines Bright

We have moved into another year and the sound of 2015 rolls off my tongue and swirls in my ears. I LISTEN to its lilt (listen is my OLW for 2015) and find amazement in that it is fifteen years past the millennium. So much has happened since the year 2000 but the one constant is that there is a Light that shines from a stable each year. This Light brings my family hope, peace, and guidance. 

Each year in the weeks prior to Christmas, I carefully unwrap the manager scene that my mother used to showcase on her mantle in the days before it graced my home. Each year, the Baby Jesus is placed on the straw bed in the manger and the animals nearby to breathe warmth into the wooden structure. Mary and Joseph stand as protective guardians while the magi are flanked on the left and the shepherds on the right. An angel from heaven is perched above. Throughout the holidays, the manger never moves from its place of honor because it is the LIGHT of Christmas that shines in my home and lights the way, even when we falter. 

John 1:15
And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.


I write this post to applaud the amazing path Holly Mueller has carved for the Spiritual Journey Thursday community.

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