Friday, January 2, 2015

Ringing in the New Year with a Look Back and a Look Forward

The New Year brings a promise of possibilities. I pause in the stillness of the early morning to reflect on the myriad of choices I have to start the day. Since it is Friday, I am eager to open the Poetry Friday site and see what offerings are awaiting me. In my quest to challenge my technical skills, enjoy new readings, and write to grow as a learner, I created a museum type showing of the Finding Fall Gallery that has the feel of a New York City gallery. If I accessed the final copy correctly you will be able to enjoy the variety of perspectives on the season of autumn and recollect your fall memories in the process. (Click here to be emazed.)

As promised, I am now ready to send out the invitation to the 5th gallery of artistic expressions. Read below and see if you can determine what the new title of the collection will be. I hope I can encourage many more Poetry Friday community members to offer a poem and accompanying photo. The submission deadline will be the end of February for a March showing. 

Did you guess the title of the new gallery?

-Winter Whisperings-

I included my One Little Word (OLW) for 2015 in the poem-LISTEN!
I will listen to the words in each and every offering to the Gallery of Winter Whisperings and showcase them in an inspiring design. 

Here are the easy steps to engage in reflective writing for this gallery. In doing so, you will assist me in building the collection.
  1. Find that special winter site that allows you to listen.
  2. Pause, observe, reflect.
  3. Capture the image and couple it with a poetic thought or poem.
  4. If you want to experiment with photo editing tools, try PicMonkey, Canva, or Word to superimpose the poem onto the photo.
  5. Include your name, Twitter handle or website, and location of the  photo.
  6. If you are not familiar with the above tools, send me the original photo and poem and I will combine them.
  7. One or two student poems are welcomed per teacher, as long as the  teacher submits one, using it as a mentor text for her class.
May your winter be filled with the blessings of the New Year. 


Now greet the first Friday of January at 
where Tricia has already started 
ringing in the New Year with Poetry Friday.

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