Sunday, January 25, 2015

Celebrating the Often Not Applauded Parts of Winter

Today, I celebrate the often not applauded parts of winter since positivity is my framework this season. 

1. Poetry writing is the relaxer when days seem daunted by weather. Friday, I woke in the middle of the night to see a beautiful blanket of snow outside my window. When I finally rose for the day, the snow looked smooshy. Knowing that it would not go away without a push, I asked my son to shovel. An hour later, the snow turned to slush. When trying to get into the car, I noticed many puddles of which I had to cross. Too bad, I miscalculated. I celebrate that there wasn't any more snow with traces of black ice since last week I took a flying leap as I exited the house.

slush, mush,
sloppy stuff
quiet hush

dirty snow
puddled glow 

pushing down
squishy boots
silly frown 

zipping on
drying out
puddles gone

sun arrives
winter lives!
        C.Varsalona 2015 
2. Outdoor decorations although beautiful for the holiday need to be placed carefully in boxes for next year. Then, there is a period that no decorations grace my porch. I celebrate the long awaited finishing touches to my new wreath and the decorations for the front porch. Check out the greeting on the wreath. 

3. Indoors Christmas decorations are slowly making their way into the labeled boxes. I celebrate the slow gathering and organization of decorations to make way for my welcoming winter decorations. 

4. Long days of preparing and presenting professional development left little time for pleasurable activities, but I have to celebrate weekends

I celebrate the behind the scenes, often not applauded parts of winter. 

If you are welcoming winter this year and would like to write a poem combined with a photo of winter, I will include it in the Winter Whisperings Gallery.

Ruth Ayres invites us each week to celebrate life. Click over to her site, Discover, Play, Build to read more celebration stories.

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