Sunday, January 25, 2015

Help Wanted Ad: Positivity

When I saw a tweet about Poetry At Work Day I was intrigued. I decided to check out the site, #poetryatworkday, and the funThe quote that I found there set my thoughts in motion (see below). 

I would venture that many people do not bring poetry to work. But why not? Poetry is the soul's thoughts that can take flight to make a public appearance. Why shouldn't poems be shared in places other than classrooms? 

During the course of a work day, many people do not think about poetry even though poems can be short, inspiring, motivational starters to the morning. Quotes are often pinned to bulletin boards of lounges and cubicle spaces, so why not poems? 

Poetry can be the chat around the water cooler or make the email trail so to honor the work force, I tinkered with the haiku form. In its brevity, it makes me think. It also surprises.  After several drafts, I settled on the one below for #poetryatworkday. The intent of my poem was to bring a light touch to the help wanted ads as an attractive lure for job seekers interested in positive thinking. I hope you find it light-hearted and fun. 

After submitting my haiku via Tweeter, I was surprised to find that it was among those featured for #poetryatworkday. I credit my entry due to Violet Nesdoly's post that inspired me to take a look at what the site offered. (Thanks, Violet.) Unfortunately, I cannot find the tweet from #poetryatworkday about my haiku but the pleasure of being recognized still brings a smile to my face. 

Now, please stroll over to A Teaching Life where my friend, Tara Smith, hosted Poetry Friday yesterday. Although I am a day late, I joyfully offer my haiku for comments. There are many delightful posts to read this week, so relax and enjoy. 

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