Monday, February 16, 2015

Ouch! Presidents' Day Has a Bite

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It's Presidents' Day. Hearing the weather reporter say "for New Yorkers this is unfamiliar territory" makes me think that the ground hog had the inside scoop on a lengthy winter season for all of us long before he poked his head out. While the deep dive into winter allows more time to reflect on the beauty of the season, no one can deny the bite that winter is delivering. Winter is making New Yorkers get squeamish about weather reports. Stories are popping up all over the news. 

Here are my Presidents' Day stories with a winter twist:
This morning, as I entered the doctor's office for an annual check-up, I felt a huge chill. It wasn't that the door was open because I was on the second floor. There was a distinct coldness in the office space. As I stepped closer to the reception area, I was shocked to find the office staff and doctor herself wrapped in various pieces of winter garb. They quickly recounted their story. When they came in a hour earlier, the office thermometer read 48 degrees. Brrr! Gloves and scarves were needed. Since this happened the Friday before, they were prepared. The doctor told me that she had on three pairs of socks and many layers under her lab coat. We had a good chuckle. The staff commented that I might want to keep my warm coat over my shoulder when in the examination room. As I traveled to toward that area, I felt the temperature dip. My coat was definitely going to accompany me. In the corner of the examination room there was a small heater. The nurse told me that she was trying to keep the room warm. In reality, the room was only slightly warmer than the ice-cold floor. I could not wait for the exam to be over. By the time I left, my feet and hands were so as cold as the air in the room. When I said good by, I felt sorry for the doctor and her staff since they had a whole day in front of them. 

At the 4:00 news, Lee Goldberg, the ABC News meteorologist, reported that Presidents' Day morning was the coldest morning in over a decade. I thought about the doctor and her staff once again and decided that the announcement would not make them feel better. 

I must add that the cold snap here on Long Island is not particular to Presidents' Day weekend. Last week, after the oil company filled our tank, my household lost heat for almost twenty hours. This issue, coupled with cold weather, reminded me of the days when my home town had no heat, electricity, and water for fourteen days during the Superstorm Sandy hit. While the current extreme weather is a disruptive factor for most Long Islanders, it can be tolerated if we think back on Superstorm Sandy. We are not accustomed to harsh weather conditions but instead of thinking negatively about winter, I continue my positivity campaign

The reality is that we have to adapt. There is no other recourse, so with the weather being such this winter, it is time to snuggle up with a cozy throw, a laptop, a book, or a writer's notebook in front of the fireplace. Isn't that what a holiday should be about-time to enjoy reading and/or writing?

Because listen is my one little word for this year, I purposefully noticed the signs of winter today. I wondered how everyone else would react to the bitter cold weather. I noticed the lady who was huddled next to the building. She looked so cold. I listened to the stories of how people are handling or not handling the cold days. Winter seems to be trying some peoples's patience. I know that is happening in my household. Even though I am still cold from today's weather chill, I remain positive no matter how many layers I am wearing. 

It is the end of a very long, cold Presidents' Day. I sit in my office, listening to the sounds of the season-the furnace trying to pump out more heat, the outside wind, and the crackling of the virtual fireplace. I am hoping that others will join me as I listen to winter's whisperings during this cold snap. I continue to collect winter photos and accompanying poems from virtual and face-to-face friends and invite all who are so inclined to help me create a global gallery of artistic expressions, like the following: Finding Fall, Summer Serenity, April Awakenings, and REFLECT WITH ME

Now, that Presidents' Day is over, beat the cold and hurry on over to the Two Writing Teachers site where you will find Slice of Life blog posts. Warm up by reading the Tuesday slicers' posts. 

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