Friday, February 6, 2015

Sounds of Silence

For the past two days, I have been mixing words with images while listening to either the reverberation of my breath as my yoga instructors have encouraged or the sounds of winter's icy stillness. Perhaps, this practice has come about because of Laura Shovan's call to create sound poetry. Those who have tried have been quite successful. For me, to engage in this practice, has been a process. 

Since listen is my one little word this year, I have listened intently in silence to the sounds of the earth, sky, and rooms. I've attended yoga classes to declutter my mind and focus on hearing my breath, as my instructors have encouraged me to do. During this process, I have tried to quiet my thoughts to be in synchronization with my breath. What flows are my newly spun words and image that came from this attempt at achieving stillness. 

Listening to the song, Sound of Silence, takes me back to a throw-back decade. Enjoy the listening experience. 

Now travel over to Elizabeth Steinglass' site where she is hosting Poetry Friday with a DIY Recycled Rocket craft and her original poem. Various offerings will be there for your reading pleasure this weekend. 

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