Monday, February 2, 2015

Celebrating Nature's Gifts

January turned into February this week and brought a mix of cold weather, snow upon snow, and ice to Long Island. Many adults complained of the discomforts resulting from winter storm 2015 while little children enjoyed the snowy, off-from school days. With 
positivity as my mantra, I have reflected upon the wonders of winter here and hereWhile keeping true to my OLW, listen, I am noticing seasonal changes in a different light now. Positivity has brought rewards. 

While coming home from yoga class yesterday, I spotted a tiny gift of nature and knew that this natural creation would be the focal point of today's reflection. A perfect pair of frozen delights were seen on my holly tree. I reflected on the pair's crystalline beauty and perfect points that hung tightly to bright green leaves. Stillness surrounded nature's creation. I watched and listened to winter's sounds realizing that unless there was a storm, frigidity, and snow there would be no tiny perfect icicles dropping from my holly tree. 

Today, I celebrate the end of a very challenging week of winter storm 2015 that left Long Island with school closings, icy roads, and minor spills (one of those would be me at the end of my frozen driveway).

Here's to a wonderful day of cooking, baking, and congregating with friends. From the savory smells of my kitchen to the sounds of Superbowl XL1X Party, I sit and wait to hear if the upcoming storm will cancel another professional development program. The Long Islander newscaster is reporting on the welcoming winter weather and a winter wonderland in Iowa. Yes, I did hear this right! Here's to looking for winter delights in the midst of snowstorms!

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