Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Weary, Try a Slice of Positivity

When I woke up today, I was listening for the weather report and how the roads would fare on Long Island. When I heard it was National Umbrella Day, my curiosity was piqued. How odd, I thought! Umbrellas in winter and then I stepped outside to see what I would find. Rain, sleet, ice??? No, not today. Brrr! Very Cold. Ice was everywhere. I stepped lightly down the stairs so I would not take another tumble as in the last storm. 

As I started my car, once again I heard about National Umbrella Day and wondered how people around the states would celebrate the umbrella. I was thankful that I did not need one to protect me against sleet, chilling rain, or heavy snowfall. 

After a day of working with close to fifty teachers and the message of positivity still fresh in my mind, I composed this light poem. 

Rain, sleet, ice,
triple threat-
snow will suffice.

Slipping, sliding,
difficult driving!

Rain, sleet, ice,
doesn't end.
Got some advice?

Umbrella to go,
spring no- 
odd for the snow!

National Umbrella Day
is here in style.
Want to celebrate for awhile?

Tip of the Day: 
Winter Weary, try a Slice of Positivity to awaken the heart to a myriad of possibilities.

I bring you Gene Kelly who taps his way into showers with his umbrella and an optimistic look at life. I thought his song and dance would add a charming touch to National Umbrella Day while warming  the hearts of Long Islanders.

Now stroll over to the Two Writing Teachers for the weekly Slice of Life. Here's a bit of backchannel information that I found out at NCTE 14. There are actually six writing teachers, of which I met five: Stacey, Betsy, Dana, Tara, and Beth. I was amazed by their friendly demeanor, collegiality, and warmth that I felt upon our first meeting. I hope to meet Anna someday at one of the national conferences. Enjoy reading the slicers' posts. 

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