Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stretch-Fill Your Heart With Dreams

University of Notre Dame
With a mighty hand and outstretched arm;
His love endures forever. 
 Psalm 136:12

As snow blankets the earth
caressing the stillness,
eyes focus on a solitary image:
a cavernous hallway of white,
a walkway of peace at the feet of the Lord.
Arms, glowing in February's chill,
majestically welcome those 
weary from studies
to rest in winter's arms.
But no travelers turn their gaze
this winter day.
No one accepts the quiet solitude
of a stilled perspective.

In the cavernous hallway of white,
peace reigns.
The winds listen for human sounds.
They whistle through barred branches 
dusted by a confectioner's hand-HIS hand.
But still no sounds break the stillness.
No one hears the outcries of sorrow
or joy laid at the feet.
Only the trees hold 
the whisperings of youth 
as they stand guard, saluting 
the One who lights the way.

The blanketed earth,
colored with petals of white,
covers the campus path.
It waits patiently for those
to approach-
looking ahead to snowsun's thaw
when birds stretch their wings
and students reach out to touch 
the hem of golden grace.
It is here that encumbered thoughts
fly away like the birds of winter
to dive into the fresh smells of spring.

As the cavernous hallway of white,
transitions to the green hues of spring,
it stretches onward, becoming
a pathway of renewal,
a reflective space 
for hearts filled with dreams.

Winter's touch has quieted the land.
A stilled campus waits in silence
until a new season awakens the earth.  

A simple prayer for winter days:
Lord, help us to forget our past failure and lack of faithfulness in order to press on toward our heavenly prize. Stretch us toward your goals and your glory.  - Dean Deppe
I hope that this song, Find Your Wings, by Mark Harris, coupled with Psalm 126:12, is a joyful entry into your journey today. The song's touching words may help all of us reflect on our roots, give hope to those finding their wings to set sail on life, and bring into focus the light of the Divine that guides us on our path. 

It is here in the spaces of Spiritual Journey Thursday under the guidance of Holly Mueller, that bloggers stretch their limits today to be hopefully refreshed by the snowsun that brings light from above. It is here that we honor our one little words (underlined in the poem), with today's focus on Ramona Behnke's one word, stretch, that guides her journey. 

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