Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Slice of Positivity

I am serving a slice of positivity today with motion and rhyme combined.

Life is full of movement- 
  • Fast-paced versus slow 
  • Purposeful versus meaningless 
  • Reflective versus labored 
I say, take caution. Observe your surroundings and step lightly as you move forward. Don't settle for the status quo because there is no moving beyond with mediocrity. Life should be filled with vigor, liveliness, and passion for balanced living so find the beat that stirs within. Wiggle and jiggle until the just right step leads you on and if by chance you take a misstep, don't worry. Pick yourself up and find a new way to cross the path. 

Lately, I have been in and out of many chats, whether face-to-face or on twitter that talk about moving beyond the status quo to achieve fullness. I think, we all look for that in life. Achieving this is the difficult part, so listen to the sound clip, Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water Tab, from the Sound Poem Project-Day 23 on Laura Shovan's site.  Swing along with me as I move to the beat of positivity.

Movement to the beat-
fast, lively, full of heat,
sweet rhythm for my dancing feet.

Music picks up-deep and strong,
for life's dance, no right or wrong
when mixing with a clapping throng.

Sway and step to swinging sound.
Listen for those hearts that pound 
and fill the space with joy that's found. 

Come along. Sweep the world with me. 
Dance to the tune of possibility
opening doors to let spirits free.
In a world of many sounds, we are the makers of our own music. We can choose to jiggle and wiggle with positivity or drown in the stagnant waters of mediocrity. As we hear on school announcements, the choice is yours. I choose moving with positive thinking as my guide. 

Now, dance your way over to Two Writing Teachers to find the Slice of Life bloggers posting their thoughts this Tuesday. 

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