Friday, February 27, 2015

Listening for a Winter Whispering

At each new turn of life, there awaits a chance to renew your spirit. Building a journey around one little word helps define the path to start upon. In the quiet of the winter, I have listened, waited to hear the calling, and have tried to step forward each day with a positive spirit. 

Some fellow bloggers have found their one little words of which I borrowed a few to help me think of ways to continue my pathway to positivity. Thank you to Holly Mueller, Michelle Haseltine, Leigh Anne Eck, and Margaret Simon for the bonds we have forged with our one little word focus. 

Find inner silence
Organize your thoughts
de Clutter your mind
Undo cluttered chaos
Step forward

Fasten your seat belt
Linger in thought
Yearn for flight

Take a step back
Utter your thoughts
Return to faithful following
Next steps to hear

Resurrect your hidden thoughts
Enthusiastically look for possibilities
Authentically approach life
Heighten your awareness

As winter continues to bring its arctic blasts to Long Island, I relax in the thought that there is beauty in each frozen particle that lays at my feet and each whip of air that heightens winter's presence.

I am inviting all those who have become dreamers this winter to listen for the whisperings of the winter season that may call you to write alongside me. The Winter Whisperings Gallery challenge asks for only one poem-one photo that brings awareness of how winter has defined your thoughts. Is there a stillness in the whispering you hear--a yearning--a sadness?  

Some Poetry Friday friends have answered the calling. Will all who read this post be filled with the spirit of the muse and compose your thoughts to accompany a photo that is reflective of winter in your locale? Remember that winter is a season and does not only revolve around snow, although this year many states have been hard hit by record breaking arctic blasts. Lean into your thoughts and send them my way by the end of the 1st week of March. ( or Twitter DM to @cvarsalona)

Now March over to Heidi Mordhorst's site, my juicy little universe
where she is hosting Poetry Friday and a March challenge.

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