Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter's Tiny Perfection

All week long I have been turning my attention to the positive side of life and referencing an attitude of positivity during professional development sessions with teachers. In early February one of the storms left a perfect pair of icicles on my holly tree.  Below you will find the image I created that was featured in my February celebrate post. While it melted during one of the rare days of warmth, yesterday a new collection appeared. This reminded me that I never finished the poem I started. Below, you will find the finished product.

Winter's perfection,
translucent crystalline beauties
kissed by winter's freeze,
stand erect.
Frozen in 
temporary time,
an icy pair 
wait patiently
for snowsun 
to turn its gaze
and melt them 
for a frozen earth.

Stand tall, 
winter's perfection.
Shine and glisten.
Drip, drop, drip drop-
when ready, let go!

Before writing this post, I closely observed my surroundings while listening to sounds. How often do we neglect to notice nature's beautiful stillness as we busy ourselves in everyday pursuits? How often do we take the time to celebrate the small moments? 

As I read through a River of Words once again, I realized that the ordinary can become extraordinary. William Carlos Williams celebrated everyday, common objects in the lives of ordinary human beings. Jen Bryant eloquently honored Williams works in her book about about him. She states, "By stripping away unnecessary details, Williams tried to see the thing itself...with great intensity and perception." Below is Williams' poem describing his perception on winter snow.

This practice of viewing small moments and objects with an observing eye and a listening ear has served me well lately. I leave you with a soothing song for a winter's night in hopes that you will be interested in offering your own original, digitally combined winter image and poem for the Winter Whisperings Gallery.

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