Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dive To Find Peace

Recently, I read about an interesting site off the Florida Keys that piqued my interest. While I am not a diver, this magnificent site is one I would like to visit. 
A unique and unusual dive site off the coast of Key Largo, Florida has been drawing attention and attracting thousands of Scuba divers and snorkelers alike for more than just its reef and marine life. In the midst of this dive site, a spectacular bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ stands 81/2 feet tall in 25 feet of water with a grandeur like no other. Christ’s arms raised towards the surface in a pose offering peace, the underwater statue has a presence that has made it one of the most famous and visited underwater sites on Earth.

In reading the short text, I found words like unique, spectacular, Christ, grandeur, arms raised, peace, presence, and Earth popping out at me. I coupled these with resonating words from Steve Curtis Chapman's song, dive, rush, hear, voice, take a leap of faith, awesome power, grace, let ourselves, swept away. Then, the words developed into a poetic thought for the Spiritual Journey Thursday writing community. 

In the quiet of the winter night,
a rush of water floods my heart.
I focus on the presence of Christ.
I listen to His spectacular words of peace.
With arms outstretched, He reaches for me.
I turn my gaze, looking into His eyes. Warmth 
quiets my soul, restless from the winter chill. 
Searching in the stillness, I hear His 
gentle voice calling me to take a
leap, one step flying toward 
His outstretched arms that 
will lead me closer to 
deeper, stilled faith.

"Let go. Be swept away 
by the hope of eternal 
grace. Find grandeur
in trust. Dive into 
my holy waters.
Come closer.
Peace will
be yours." 


Listen to these words from Romans 10:17, "So then faith (cometh) by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Know that if we take a leap of faith and dive into the living water, we will have a deeper understanding of the journey God is providing for us. 


Join Holly Mueller as she guides the Spiritual Journey Thursday bloggers around the topic of DIVE, Greg Armamentos' one little word that to him embodies the following words: Dwell, Ignite, Venture, Embody.  

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