Sunday, August 30, 2015

Celebrate Summer Days

What a spectacular summer this has been on Long Island. Each time I go to the beach, I am filled with wonder. As I watch the waves crash and the children splash I am grateful for the sea opening its arms to all who care to be filled with joy. Inspiration has been the byproduct of endless days of wondering about life and sunshine the backdrop for countless moments to photograph the beauty of Long Island's shores. Photo-editing platforms have provided me the digital tools to frame life through a lens of positivity. 

I hope your summer days have been filled with the wonders of life as mine have. Enjoy a few of my digital inspirations about Long Island summer days that celebrate life. If you are interested, create your own and send them in for my newest gallery, Summer Splashings

Now please visit two sites that are celebrating life through the lens of positivity today:

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