Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finding Inspiration

When the day calls for sun-drenched inspiration my family and I pack up for a quick jaunt to the Long Island shoreline. The usual accoutrements travel with us: a book, newspapers, suntan lotion, refreshments, chairs, and a patchwork blanket. The walk down to Jones Beach is a short one on a stretch of blue netting carefully placed on top of the sand for sure footing. People-gazing down the walkway is a must as is the search for the best spot to relax for the brief stay.

All sorts of folks frequent Jones Beach that has been a favorite haunt of beachgoers for decades. Families line the beachfront with their colored umbrellas and sand equipment. Children frolic in the waves and dig trenches in the sand. The seagulls often swoosh down along the shore so people carefully hide their food. The shrieking birds balk at the unpleasant behavior of humans and continue their search without haste. 

An afternoon at the beach can be filled with wonder.  Some daring folk plop chairs at the shoreline watching for the waves to rush in. Sea-shelled walks and children squealing with delight add to enjoyment of a few hours spent in pure relaxation. Reading, walking, ocean dipping, and people gazing are all part of shoreline delight when at the beach. My iPhone captures it all. 

There has been no shortage of inspiration this summer. Here are a few digitalized inspirations that I created after my afternoon at the beach. I started with a salt water splashing and transformed the sea foam into digitalized inspirations.

How do you find wonder on sun-drenched days?

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