Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Digital Vibes

Digital  v i b e s  are floating all around me. I can feel the energy and sense the emotional excitement. New apps are being experimented with; seeds of ideas are germinating; small creations are happening. With nature photography as a backdrop for spinning thoughts, I sit and wonder. On which path will ny new explorations take me?

What's in store for a week of sunshine and possibilities in the digital world?
  1. #reflect31 has started and I already created my first digital vibe. A trip to the Cape May Winery on Sunday provided a reflective afternoon with family and the seed of inspiration. I decided to transform the scene into an inspirational poster using the app, Mobile Monet. The app did indeed provide the Monet moment for a 3 word visual to guide my digital journey this month. 
  2. Also, the surroundings allowed me to engage in one of my favorite pastimes: word-weaving. A poem about the afternoon experience grew from the words that spun around my head. Perhaps, the following poem will find a place in the newest gallery, Summer Splashings, that I am designing. You can access information here
  3. When I was asked to be a guest moderator on #saskedchat and mulled over what topic I should concentrate on to engage connected educators in a collaborative conversation. Since recent days have been filled with the wonder of new sights, I decided "Discovering Wonder" would be appropriate. I created a digital flyer using PicMonkey, a QR code to upload the flyer at www.qr-code-generator.com, and an #eduinspiration for Thursday night's chat. 

QR code for the #saskedchat convo

Digital vibes will be a topic of interest this year as the new school opens a world of passion projects, creations, and PBL activities in and out of maker spaces. I am delighted to share my space with you and hope that the world of digital poetry and photography will enhance your learning this year as mine. 

Please visit two sites now to engage in conversation in a digital space: 

Two Writing Teachers for Tuesday's Slice of Life.

DigiLit Sunday hosted by Margaret Simon

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