Sunday, August 9, 2015

Digilit Creation

Welcome to my first iMovie.

Digital creations are filled with the excitement of creating, the wonder of what is to come, and the expectation of how the design will be accepted. While I went to training on iMovie years ago, I never continued to explore the art of movie making. As with all training unless you practice you lose the skill. In order to relearn iMovie, I attended lessons at the Apple store with my son, Derek. Our trainers were patient and interested in helping me create a trailer. With Derek's suggestions guiding me, I created my first iMovie. Now I offer this trailer as an enticement to create alongside me for my newest gallery of artistic expressions, Summer Splashings. Join me in celebrating summer. You can find information on "Summer Splashings" here. Please note that I am collecting artistic expressions up to the end of August. 

Now please visit Margaret Simon's DigiLit Sunday site where you will find postings about everything digital in literacy classrooms. 

Also, you can travel over to #reflect31 and visit Grundler Art for Day 9: Uncover Complexities. 

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