Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Positivity and Purpose

When a Twitter colleague, Rosa Isaiah, sent out the following tweet, I thought of it as a call to action.

I responded with "Positivity and Purpose to Impact Life" and included an #eduinspiration that I had just created for #reflect 31, #CelebrationMonday, and #MondayMotivation. Kick-starting my week with goal setting has become a ritual. Do I always follow through? Reflective time allows me to see what I have accomplished and where I need to go without any judgments.

If we live with positivity as our guide, we can purposefully affect our lives for the better. Positivity balances our life; provides a fresh outlook; improves our relationships with others. Being true to yourself is a positive step forward.

Celebrate each day of the week but let Monday be the kickstart to success. Reflect and Act

Please turn your attention to Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life where every Tuesday educators provide a glimpse into their lives. 

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