Sunday, August 16, 2015

Digital Expressions

Whew! I just learned about a new digital tool and of course, I decided to try it out. With any new resource it takes time to acquaint myself. A feeling of discomfort creeps up and then a quick thought. Should I continue or just resort to my old tools? Isn't this what our learners think as well? Do we provide choice and a safe surrounding for our learners to be risk-takers? Do we support them in their digilit journey?

In my case, I had models, tutorials, and a brief window of time to try out a new tool. I explored the resource, gathered my photos and artistic expressions, and went to work but I did not have anyone to lead me through the steps to create. I had to problem solve, revisit, and fumble through many rough drafts alone. The delete button was my friend. I would have been much happier if I had a live teacher in front of me guiding my way.

Here are the steps I took to create my first SWAY presentation, Summer Day Rhapsody. Clearly what I am showing is the first draft of a digital project. 

I gathered two ideas that I tweeted out during #Spiritchat this morning. 

I opened a few photos that I wanted to use.

 A serene sight at the South Hampton Winery
A beautiful sight from Cape May
An invitation

I got acquainted with the Sway dashboard
after reviewing some videos.

I created my first presentation with Sway. You can view Summer Day Rhapsody here. Click on the play button and scroll down. 

After I created the above, I found a blog post with a video that would have been helpful before I began this new digital journey.

I asked for feedback from my husband. Of course, I would like thoughts by those who view this blog.

I resorted to a favorite tool, PicMonkey, to create a new digital expression.

When sharing a new tool with learners make sure that you introduce a simplistic set of directions while keeping the enthusiasm high. Create collaborative groups to try out the new tool together. 

Digital expressions are wonderful mixes of art, design, technology, and literacy. Creating allows for voice to rise. Enjoy the process.

Please use this button on your site for DigiLit Sunday postsDigiLit Sunday hosted by Margaret Simon where you find ideas on ways my colleagues explore the digital world. 

#reflect31 the brainchild of Laura Grundler where the artistic digital expressions are happening daily for 31 days. I am offering my blog post and video as part of Day 16's challenge, Transition and Metamorphosis. Original photographs and tweets were transformed into a digital expression and sent out with wings into the Twittersphere. 

#reflect31 Day 16

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